•my new years resolutions•

EDIT: I was originally going to post this on Jan 1st, but something went wrong with my WiFi and never posted. So it’s a little late but hope you enjoy!!

Hello y’all !

Happy New Year! I genuinely can’t believe it’s already 2018. I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the coming year. I realized how I’m always so disappointed at the end of year, no matter how fun it was, I feel as if I haven’t changed. I, obviously, want to change. I want to learn and grow. This year my biggest goal is to improve my life in every possible way. To be genuinely happy. I’m hoping these resolutions will get me there!

Drink more water

I’m honestly the worst at remembering to drink water throughout the day. I did get an adorable water bottle for Christmas so I’m hoping that will help

Go completely gluten free and eat healthier

This year I’ve learned that I have a gluten sensitivity. It just makes me feel gross. I’ve been off and on eating gluten free and eating healthy foods so I really want to go all in this year.

Take care of myself more

I’m really bad at keeping my things clean, doing laundry and the small things like taking care of my nails etc. This year I just would like to improve on that.

Go outside

I realized I just do not go outside enough which is not good! Even just a walk for 10 minutes is enough, I sometimes forget how wonderful fresh air is.

Read 100 books

I love books! I have trouble finishing them though. If you have any book recommendations please leave them below!!

Spend time with Jesus everyday

I’ve been having trouble keeping a strong relationship, or any relationship at all with Jesus the last couple months. I just haven’t wanted to. I also really want to ask more questions and learn more about my beliefs. Also, I really want to do more research and see what the Bible says about some of my opinions:)


I think volunteering is so so important. I’m hoping I can find an animal shelter to help out at, if not I’ll probably volunteer at my church!

And those are most of my resolutions. I actually have a bunch and it would take so so long to write them all out. I’m hoping to actually stick to these though! I’ll keep you updated! I’m hoping to have one or two goals each months so I can finish all my resolutions. I might do like an update at the end of every month and tell you about my goals that month and how I did or didn’t complete them!!


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